At Norfolk GM Auto Center in Norfolk, Nebraska, we have our Very BEST PRICE on our vehicles at ALL TIMES. We have priced every new and used vehicle with our true best price to assure the integrity and fairness of your buying experience. Shop here for a Friendly, Hassle-free Buying Experience. Our sales consultants are NOT paid to sell cars. They ARE paid to help you find the car or truck that is right for you. One consultant stays with you through the entire process, which includes the feature presentation, the demonstration drive, and financing options. You always get a pressure-free buying experience at Norfolk GM Auto Center. Other than purchasing a home, buying a New Or Used Car or Truck is one of the largest financial decisions most of us will experience during our lifetimes. Many of our customers have told us how they disliked having to negotiate when buying a vehicle and wondering if some else got a better deal! At Norfolk GM Auto Center we don't believe that different people, depending on their ability to negotiate, or lack thereof, should pay different prices for the same vehicle. We display our Best Price on every New and Used Vehicle to assure integrity and fairness in your buying experience. We have no hidden charges, such as documentation fees, shipping charges or dealer added addendum. Our Sales Consultants are NOT paid based on how much profit they made on the vehicle they sold you. They are paid the same flat fee on every vehicle they sell, whether the Delivered price is $1,000 or $50,000. We chose the method of compensation to insure that our Sale Consultants show you the vehicle that best meets your needs and wants, not the vehicle they can make the most money selling. Our staff is rewarded for meeting high GM Customer Satisfaction Index goals, encouraging them to treat our customers as they would like to be treated! Email us today!