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Nebraska's Natural Resources are the greatest sources of the state's wealth and its assurance for future prosperity.

In 1972, the Nebraska Legislature enacted laws to combine 154 special purpose entities into 23 Natural Resources Districts (NRDs).  These Districts are unique to Nebraska and the rest of the country.  NRDs are local government units with broad responsibilities to protect our natural resources.  Major Nebraska river basins form the boundaries enabling the districts to respond best to local needs with local control and local solutions.

The Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District (LENRD) office is located in the Lifelong Learning Center (LLC) on the campus of Northeast Community College in Norfolk, Nebraska.  The elected board members and staff are responsible for helping protect natural resources in all or parts of fifteen counties in Northeast Nebraska.

Since being created in 1972, NRDs have experienced tremendous growth in the responsibilities given to them by state statute, especially in protecting groundwater.  Other responsibilites include:  Erosion Prevention, Flood Prevention, Soil Conservation, Pollution Control, Management of Wildlife Habitat, Forestry and Range Management, and Recreation Management.


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