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    February 27, 2019
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NEW OPTION FOR CONSUMERS WITH HIGH DEDUCTIBLE HEALTH PLANS OR NO INSURANCE SAVE UP TO 60% with CHI Health and MDSave This website is an online healthcare marketplace which allows consumers to comparison shop hospitals and providers. EXAMPLES: With MDSave's upfront bundled price, the typical savings is 30% or more. You go online and purchase a voucher for the eram you're wanting, for example, MRI shoulder. Instead of poying over $2,000, it's about $427 (depending on the exom The ocher includes the radiology reading as well. There are several procedures offered induding loba even certain surgery After selecting a location and service, you pay online or select a payment plan and receive a voucher for the care. CHI Health implemented MDSave last fall in multiple locations throughout Nebraska, starting with imaging and radiology, lab and drug testing, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services. In 2019 and going forward, CHI Health will begin to offer MDSave for additional services like maternity care and surgeries. Let's say you need an MRI of your knee. If you have high- deductible insurance, you're likely on the hook for the full cost. f only you could easily find the most affordable option. Wih MDSave, you can. Visit to view available procedures and pricing. CHI Health (4027042-4245St www how. b Ecom (402) 582.4245·